Watchmen by Alan Moore

Late last year, I read my first graphic novel, My Favorite Thing is Monsters, vol. 1. It was nothing like I expected. This illustrated journal of a young girl in 1960s Chicago was surprisingly and compulsively readable. I am anxiously awaiting volume 2.
This experience made me more receptive to reading an earlier graphic novel, Watchmen by Alan Moore. Watchmen was much closer to my expectations: a group of superheroes fighting the evils of the world and discovering their own fallibility and humanity in the process. While reading, I was reminded over and over of the Disney Movie The Incredibles, a naptime favorite of both my nieces. The masked crusaders have been disbanded, but are called back into service when someone starts killing their own.
Watchmen is an example of why I don’t gravitate to graphic novels, it is very violent and the illustrations often make this violence more, well, graphic. I have never been a comic book person, I prefer my stories to come through creative uses of language and the written word. I am not sorry to have read this and I will continue to anticipate volume 2 of My Favorite Thing is Monsters, but I will not be actively seeking out further graphic novels to add to my list.

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