Fluent Forever by Gabriel Wyner

I enjoy language.  I enjoy reading books which play with language in unique ways.  I also find myself wishing I had access to more languages (think how many more books I could read then!)  I saw this book while browsing the shelves at my library and thought it sounded interesting.  I was right, it was an interesting read.

I appreciated the ideas and suggestions presented.  Some of it is obvious, but had not occurred to me.  Other things were brand new.

I love the fact the author reminds us about pronunciation and how important it is to know which sounds are in your target language before speaking it.  I played with a few language apps last year, but quickly realized I couldn’t make the right sounds.  I did not know how to correct that.  Now I understand much clearer why I was struggling and I have a few resources to access for improvement.

The concept of learning a language without translating is somewhat obvious, but not the way I previously thought.  to me pictures and correlations as opposed to English words most certainly will make the new words stick better.

The availability of technological aids addressed in this book was astounding.  I am looking forward to spending some time creating my own flash cards and working towards acquiring my next language.

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