The Sunshine Sisters by Jane Green

I picked this from the New Arrivals shelf at my local library.  I can honestly say I thought it was a different author.  I am not sure who I thought the author was, but I did not expect the book I read.  While I dislike the term “chick-lit”, I am not sure I care any more for “women’s literature”.  This book would definitely fall into these categories, but I want a new name.

This contemporary novel explores the lives of the three Sunshine Sisters: Nell, Meredith and Lizzy.  The three sisters are estranged and have returned home to face their mother’s illness.

Because I don’t delve into this genre very often, I am less qualified to talk about how it fits into the grand scheme. However, as a visitor, I found this book highly readable and moderately enjoyable. It was a little like watching an edgy Hallmark movie on a lazy, rainy Saturday afternoon.

I am not sure I will seek out future titles by this author, but I will not be avoiding them like the plague if they cross my path.

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